Alignment to the European Standards in Rural Development and Payments Management


During the week of April 16-19, the Agency for Intervention and Payments for Agriculture (AIPA) hosted an expert mission from Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) – the Austrian Payment Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development.
The cooperation between AIPA and AMA is possible due to the Collaboration agreement signed on November 7, 2012 in Vienna, which expressed Moldova and Austria’s willingness to enhance their cooperation in the agricultural and rural development area. In this respect, the signatory parties agreed on a know-how transfer, especially related to the safe administration of payments in the EU.

Both institutions successfully applied for financial support under the “KEP Austria call for project proposals” with the aim to obtain co-funding for the planned activities. Thus, the collaboration project “Support for the Agency for Intervention and Payments for Agriculture (AIPA) in Moldova” was approved with a total budget of EUR 71,000, co-funded with EUR 33,000 by the Know-how exchange program (KEP) of the Central European Initiative (CEI).

The overall goal of this project is to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector by strengthening the administration capacities of the agricultural funds in the Republic of Moldova, in line with the EU principles for common agricultural policy (CAP) implementation. According to this know-how exchange program, the AIPA staff will be trained according to EU’s best practices in:
• Financial administration
• Management of rural development investment projects
• On-the-sport control of agricultural support schemes
• Internal audit
• Registers (Farm register, LPIS, I&R)

The initial goal of this week’s mission was to present the best AMA practices in management of EU’s rural development support mechanisms, management of cattle identification and registration, training on the EU requirements and drafting of relevant recommendations and future steps required for gradual alignment of the current payments management with EU requirements. During this expert mission, both agencies performed a deep analysis of the agency’s mission, structure of the mechanisms, as well as the principles of operation of the subsidization mechanism. The project’s action plan was thoroughly discussed taking into account the whole know-how program. The action plan includes short-term expert missions of the AMA specialists to the Republic of Moldova with the aim to familiarize with the EU’s Common agricultural policy (CAP) and AIPA’s experts study visits to Austria.